Changing Tides is a metal band from Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands. The band gets most of their
inspiration and elements from the metalcore and deathcore genre. With well-balanced songs,
combining strong riffs and deep breakdowns, they always get the crowd moving.

In January 2018, they released their first single “Awareness”. The song received many positive
reviews on social media platforms.

In 2019, the band released another single named “Disgraceful” with a lyric video. The song got a lot of
streams and positive feedback on platforms as Spotify and Youtube. The month after, they released
their first and self-titled EP. The album got a lot of attention by magazines, E-zines, social media and
a lot more. A few song are also included in major playlists on Spotify.


In 2020, they released the songs 'Pattern', 'White Eyes' and 'Guided'. These songs are giving a new fresh look and taste of the music you can expect for the future.

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